Next Gen Illumination is in the business of providing the highest quality light, reducing your energy consumption, minimizing your waste, and saving you money in energy, labor, replacement, and disposal costs.

Next Gen Illumination is a recipient of one of the Arkansas Energy Office's Green Technology Grants to provide LED Demonstrations throughout the state. For project details and specifics, click on the above image to review current projects and specifics about each of the projects. The goal of Next Gen Illumination during this grant is to reduce energy demand of the private sector and eliminate CO2 production in Arkansas by installing LED lighting throughout the state as a demonstration of the benefits and advantages to various industries and facilities both private and non-profit.

Our products are built to strict specifications to deliver high performance. Our designs ensure that our products have broad application and longevity. More ...

NGI LED Light Solutions
Saves You Energy,
Maintenance and Money!

 Poultry LED Next Gen Illumination is proud to introduce its proprietary Agriculture (AG) LED lamp for use in the poultry industry.

Learn more at PoultryLED.
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